Project reports for 2018

O1. Determine the species diversity of the nummulitic accumulations (larger and smaller benthic foraminifera, and other microfossils

Goal (1)

  • Sample collection (fieldwork, sampling of the exposures) and attending meetings/conferences

Outcomes (1)

  • Setting up the data-set of basic references focused mainly on the northern part of the Eastern Carpatian
  • Collection of references and information focused on the small benthic foraminifera known from the nummulitic banks
  • Fieldwork in order to collect samples
  • Data-set containing the GPS data of the identified¬† exposures and their projection on the available geological maps
  • Presentation of the first results on two scientific meeting
  • Publication of the first results (on outcome above the expectations!)

Goal (2)

  • Sample preparation in the lab, separation and identification of the microfossils. morphometric analysis of selected Nummulites specimens

Outcomes (2)

  • Identification of the suitable samples for analysis
  • Preparation of the samples according to an established lab protocol, and separation of the small benthic foraminiferal tests from the residuu
  • Separation of the larger benthic foraminiferal tests from the residuu and morphometrics performed on selected Nummulites specimens

Read the full project report for 2018 (in Romanian)